African Beach Holidays

We believe in the power of the beach, and the Indian Ocean has some of the best in the world. Some of these are even coupled with true stunning accommodation worthy of the finest holiday memories. Barefoot luxury, spa treatments, wildly beautiful beach shelters, private plunge pools and incredible underwater adventures are all on the agenda; the choice is yours.

The superb quality of Indian Ocean beaches and private Indian Ocean Islands complement any African safari itinerary. These may be easily – or sometimes slightly less easily, depending on your safari options – incorporated into most safari itineraries, and eye-opening diving and snorkelling here can seem to continue your wildlife adventure. Beach accommodation style may be small and simple, chic and exclusive or all-inclusive five star luxury, depending on your preference.

The best African Beaches and Indian Ocean islands for you may depend on an inspiring location, the kids’ club, the quality of the petal-strewn spa or the coral reef for diving. It really is worth talking to us to discuss what will suit you best.

Where are the best African Beaches?

Please do give us a call to see which would suit you the best, but as a brief overview, here are the best African beach countries:

  • Zanzibar – Huge array of accommodation & fantastic activities
  • Mozambique – Undiscovered remote islands, great diving & intimate lodges
  • Kenya – Swahili history, fantastic beach chic-shack hotels
  • Mauritius – The Indian Ocean ideal, bigger hotels, perfect for families
  • Seychelles – Epitome of Indian Ocean luxury, but this comes at a price!
  • Maldives – Some beautiful spots on the Central, South and North atolls. and luxurious bigger hotels – the Maldives is more for honeymooners, and less for families.